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3/8" cable
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Draincables Direct carries 3/8" cable ideal for medium size drains. There are bulb head and straight cables and all available with aircraft core. Also available, a wide variety of cable accessories including blades, extraction hooks, drop heads and repair parts.

Draincables Direct manufactures sewer and drain cleaning cables using the finest quality music wire available. We manufacture replacement cables for nearly every brand of cable machine. Draincables Direct has a wide selection cables. Our cables come with fittings welded on for durability.

No-Core Cables - Our no-core cables are available in all cable diameters for use in cleaning 1-1/4" to 10" drain and sewer lines.
Inner-Core Cables - Inner-core cables are available in all cable diameters. Unlike no-core cables, these cables contain a core of aircraft wire, opposite-wound wire, or high density plastic. The core is several thousandths of an inch smaller in diameter, and floats freely inside the outer cable. This keeps the cable flexible under normal torque. As torque builds up, the outer cable twists down to grip the inner-core, literally forming an energy-transmitting rod. Adjusting machine’s torque returns cable to its original flexibility.